The Hunting Knife Of The New World

Hunting knives have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Before industrial revolution, a hunting knife is something you always had to have on hand.

It was just one of those tools that was so useful, that if you never had it with you, you’d basically feel naked.

While design and innovation for knives have continued to increase and improve our reliance for this wonderful tool has become less and less. These days only a small percentage of people actually own a hunting knife.

You, no doubt understand the reason for this, it’s because our individual need for hunting is not a priority in most cases because of that magical place we call the supermarket. Sure there are many people that still do survive on game they hunt, but the large majority of the world is now reliant on farmers and fast food restaurants for their sustenance.

Hunting knives

Not to mention in many states around the world, carrying knives around is no forbidden.

So what do you imagine is the hunting knife of the new world? I would say it’s the smart phone…

Just think about it – it’s something that most people have on them all the time. Have you ever left your house and left your phone at home by mistake? How did it feel? Did you suddenly feel unsure about many things?

The mobile has become our tether to the world around us, look around and you see people smashing keys with their thumbs, listening to music and watching movies from the palms of their hands. If trouble strikes, most people reach out for their phone, to either call for help or to do a Google search to try and find an answer to their problem.

I maybe alone in this but how cool would it be to have a Smartphone hunting knife? One super tool for our needs. Maybe even some device that has a folding blade attached to the phone – that also is able to heat up the blade to high temperatures just using the phones battery… What will this allow? Well for one…  if you’re lost in the bush, you can use your phones GPS – locate where you are, then look up on Google what animals are around and how to catch them.

Once you catch them – you look up how to prepare the meat for food using a hunting knife, then you just heat that blade up to cook the meat!

Arhh.. the future holds so much promise.